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AMD Zen 5 CPUs Enter Mass Production at TSMC This Summer: Report

The first CPUs to leverage AMD's next-gen Zen 5 architecture is set to begin mass production at TSMC this summer, according to a new report out of China that discusses how AMD continues to lean heavily on one of the world's most valuable semiconductor companies to manufacture its products.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Attends a Dinner Meeting in Taiwan with TSMC Executives to Discuss AI Chip Supply

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang recently attended a dinner with TSMC executives to address potential AI chip supply shortages. AI is the new catchword of 2024 with the PC industry expected to undergo a major change due to its incorporation into desktop and laptop PCs throughout the year. This along with increased AI technology use in the enterprise sector is expected to drive the demand for chips to unprecedented levels and it appears that the NVIDIA CEO wants everyone to know that it, and its supply chain partners, have all the bases covered and are working very hard to prevent shortages.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 Series Will Reportedly Be Built on TSMC’s 3-Nanometer Process and Feature DisplayPort 2.1 Support, Something That’s Already Available with AMD...

It looks like NVIDIA's next-generation gaming GPUs will finally catch up to AMD's in the display connectivity department.

Rumor: Arrow Lake CPUs Are Dropping Intel’s Own Node for TSMC

In a potentially embarrassing turn for Intel, new rumors have surfaced that suggest its upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs, which were originally scheduled to be built on the company's own 20A process, will now be built on TSMC's 3-nanometer technology instead. Intel stated early last year that 20A would deliver "up to a 15% performance per watt improvement and will be manufacturing-ready in the first half of 2024," but some of that may have changed.

Report: TSMC Wins Huge Orders for Intel’s Battlemage (4 nm) and Celestial (3 nm) Arc GPUs, Launching in 2024 and 2026, Respectively

Sources with Taiwan's Commercial Times are claiming that TSMC has won large orders from Intel to produce its next two generations of Arc GPUs. Battlemage, Intel's second-generation Arc GPUs, will supposedly be manufactured on TSMC's 4-nanometer process and launch in 2024, while Celestial, Intel's third-generation Arc GPUs, will supposedly be manufactured on TSMC's 3-nanometer process and surface two years later in 2026. Intel's current Arc GPUs, code named Alchemist, are manufactured on TSMC's N6 process and have proven to be pretty popular choices for those who want a modern GPU without breaking the bank. (Intel's own limited edition Arc A750 and Arc A770 graphics cards have fallen to $249 and $349, respectively, at retailers that include Newegg.)

TSMC Is Reportedly Considering Price Cuts for Its 3nm Wafers in Order To Attract AMD, NVIDIA, and Other Customers

Sources have told MyDrivers that TSMC is reportedly considering cutting prices for its 3nm wafers in order to attract more customers. TSMC had raised its prices for the 3-nanometer process by 25% over its 5nm wafers to $20,000 per and so far, Apple seems to be the only one willing to go all in for it, and is said to be using it in the upcoming iPhone 15.

TSMC 3-Nanometer Technology Successfully Enters Volume Production, with Good Yields

TSMC is on solid footing for producing even more advanced chips, according to a new press release that the company shared today about how it had held a 3-nanometer Volume Production and Capacity Expansion Ceremony at its new Fab 18 construction site in Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), bringing together suppliers, construction partners, central and local government, the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association, and members of academia to witness the important milestone of 3-nanometer technology having successfully entered volume production with good yields.

NVIDIA Wants to Cut Wafer Orders for GeForce RTX 40 Series Due to Weaker Market Demand, TSMC Says No: Report

DigiTimes has shared a report that can reveal AMD has reduced some of its wafer orders with TSMC due to an "abrupt drop-off" in demand for PC hardware.

TSMC Will Make Ultra-Advanced 2-Nanometer Chips by 2025

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has confirmed that it will begin production of 2-nanometer chips by 2025, an ultra-advanced process that is expected to usher in a new generation of processors boasting serious improvements in power and efficiency.

Samsung Considers Raising Chipmaking Prices by Up to 20%, Joining TSMC’s Plan for Another Price Hike

Samsung is currently in talks with foundry clients about raising chipmaking prices by up to 20%, according to a report from Bloomberg amid "an industry-wide push to hike prices to cover rising costs of materials and logistics."

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Reportedly Has Node Advantage over AMD RDNA 3 GPUs with TSMC 4N

NVIDIA's next generation of GeForce GPUs is reportedly being manufactured on a more advanced process than what AMD is using for its RNDA 3 products. This is according to new rumors shared by Moore's Law Is Dead, who has claimed in a new tweet that green team's Lovelace-based GPUs are being built on TSMC's 4N, an optimized version of the foundry's 5 nm process node custom-designed for NVIDIA with optimizations for power efficiency, performance, and more.

NVIDIA Announces Hopper Architecture and H100 GPU: TSMC N4 Process, HBM3 Memory, PCIe Gen5, and 700-Watt TDP (SXM)

Is it hot in here, or is it just me? NVIDIA has announced its first GPU based on the new Hopper graphics architecture, the H100, and its specifications sheet is absolutely wild.

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