AMD NAVI and Ryzen COMPUTEX Re-Cap and Analysis

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Final Points & Summary

As we look overall at AMD’s plans this year, it is clear AMD has been thinking about the future and how it can build a solid ecosystem.  Ecosystem is important in computing and AMD seems to be dipping its hands in every cookie jar. 

With RDNA Radeon GPUs it can dive into slim portables, desktop PCs, gamer PCs, high-end desktop PCs, and even consoles.  With Zen 2 Cores AMD can dive into slim portables, desktop PCs, gamer PCs, high-end desktop, workstation, server, and datacenter.  It has the power to scale from Ryzen to EPYC. 

The keynote was one of confidence from AMD, giving us just a peak, a glimpse, of the future it has planned.  If all these things combine and come together properly, it is going to be a very exciting year for AMD.  If, of course.  Let’s see what happens. 


Brent Justice
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