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InWin Shows Off New Kit at CES

We stopped by InWin's booth on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center to check out...

ASUS Debuts 4K/144Hz HDR1000 Monitor with DSC

Not content with having just released the world's fastest gaming monitor ASUS released another first last week at CES.

Cherry Wants to Kill Rubber-Dome Keyboards with its New, Low-Cost “Viola” Mechanical Switch

Cherry unveiled a new switch called the "Viola" during CES 2020, which was designed to usher in an era of cheaper mechanical keyboards.

EVGA’s Sub-$300 RTX 2060 “KO” Series May Pose a Problem for AMD’s Radeon RX 5600 XT

EVGA's GeForce RTX 2060 "KO" GPUs, which include perks such as ray tracing and DLSS, seem intentionally positioned to strip away AMD's planned price advantage.

ASUS Introduces DUAL-RTX2070 Mini for NUC 9 Mini PC’s

ASUS has taken notice of the Intel's new mini powerhouse PC's and is marketing a model of the NVIDIA RTX 2070 for them.

Hands On with the bHaptics TACTOT Vest

Image: The FPS Review As we were meeting with folks across the PC and gaming industry at CES...

Giant NBA Jam Arcade Console Spotted at CES

Image: The FPS Review It appears that the folks over at Arcade 1Up who have been responsible for...

“DG1” Software Development Vehicle: Prototype of Intel’s First Discrete GPU Unveiled

Intel has released the first photos of its Xe-based "DG1" discrete GPU. The PCIe card will enable developers to optimize for Xe.

be quiet! Launching New Products at CES 2020

Image: be quiet! We dropped by be quiet!'s suite earlier today to find out about the new products...

Use a NUC 9 Extreme to Stream from Your PC within a PC

Intel has debuted it's newest NUC mini PC line at CES this year. From the NUC 9 Extreme to NUC 10 series they are attracting attention for how much power they pack into such small packages.

ViewSonic Debuts New 27″ 240Hz NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic debuted a line of new monitors this week. One of which is the Elite XG270.

ASUS Debuts New Gaming Mouse with Builtin Joystick at CES

Meet the new ASUS ROG Chakram. It's a gaming mouse with a twist. This 16,000 DPI gaming mouse also features a joystick on the side with both analog and digital modes.