Microsoft Is Bringing Its Highly Rated Defender Antivirus Software to iOS and Android

Microsoft has already blessed macOS with its antivirus solution, but the company is also planning to bring its threat protection platform to both Linux and the world's most popular mobile OSes.

It Doesn’t Look Like Intel’s 10th Gen Processors Will Be Priced Competitively with AMD Ryzen

Despite earlier reports of Intel slashing CPU prices in response to AMD's Ryzen onslaught, that doesn't appear to be happening - at least, not for some of the company's upcoming Comet Lake-S processors.

Star Wars 4K Pre-orders Begin to Appear

The Star Wars franchise is getting the 4K treatment soon. The long running science fiction staple is one of the few that has existed in nearly every commercially available media format.

GeForce NOW Loses Another Huge Publisher: Bethesda Exits NVIDIA’s Game-Streaming Service

NVIDIA's game-streaming service continues to lose support. Mimicking Activision's decision from last week, Bethesda is the latest big-name publisher to pull its games from the GeForce NOW catalog.

Hot Wheels Is Making Remote-Control Cybertrucks for Those Who Can’t Afford the Real Thing

Tesla's Cybertruck doesn't come cheap, but Mattel has the answer(s) for fans who don't have that kind of disposable cash: a smaller, 1:64 scale R/C toy that costs $20, and a 1:10 scale version priced at $400.

Windows 10 Gets Prettier: Microsoft Begins Rolling Out Beautiful New Icons for Insiders

Microsoft has begun sending out the first of its Fluent Design icons to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, adding a colorful element to built-in apps such as Alarms & Clock, Calculator, Mail, and Calendar.

Over a Million Users Flock to NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW

NVIDIA's GeForce NOW only launched a few weeks ago but is quickly making big strides. One such giant step is having over 1,500 games signed up for the streaming service. As if that wasn't enough they claim over one million users have now signed up.

Fractal’s New Define 7 and Define 7 XL Cases Can Fit An Enormous Number of Hard Drives

Up to 18 HDD/SSDs - plus an additional five SSDs - can be mounted in the Define 7 XL's Storage Layout, which makes it a great option for data hoarders who don't want to deal with a heavy, loud server rack.

The Borderlands Movie Is Happening: Eli Roth to Direct Game Adaptation for Lionsgate

Roth hasn't commented on whether he's played the games, but his filmography makes him a curious choice. This is the man who brought us bloody shockers such as Hostel and Cabin Fever.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Is Up for Grabs until February 27 on the Epic Games Store

Syndicate is the ninth major installment of the long-running series. It served as the franchise's first foray into Victorian-era London - British/French accents, top hats, horse carriages, and so on.

Intel’s iGPU-less 10th Generation Comet Lake KF and F Series Processors Leak: Up to 5.3 GHz

These are cheaper chips that lack integrated graphics, which means that prospective owners will need to grab or dust off a dGPU. The KF series will have an unlocked multiplier, but that's locked on the F series.

Rumor: Intel Core i7-10700F Specs Sighted

Tenth generation Intel CPU's started surfacing just before the holidays. The latest one that may have been spotted in the wild is the Intel Core i7-10700f.

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