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Ben Affleck Quit “The Batman” Because a Friend Thought He’d Probably Drink Himself to Death

Drinking is a personal demon that Affleck has been fighting for years. The actor has blamed the addiction for the biggest failures in his life, which includes his separation with actress Jennifer Garner.

Monster Hunter the Movie Coming in 2020

Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise is getting the big screen treatment. The action role-playing game will make its way to the silver screen on September 4th, 2020. Writer, producer, and director, Paul W.S. Anderson has taken the reigns for this ride.

NBC’s Battlestar Galactica May Share Same Universe as SyFy’s

NBC's new streaming service, Peakcock, is working on creating new content. One such project may be another reboot of Battlestar Galactica. Writer, Producer, and Director, Sam Esmail is currently developing this project.

Sonic Speeds to a Record $57 Million US Opening: Best Debut for a Video Game Film Ever

Has Sonic broken the video game movie curse? These adaptations usually disappoint either critically and/or financially, but Sonic has managed to reverse tradition by stealing both the wallets and hearts of fans.

Harrison Ford Says That Indiana Jones 5 Will Begin Shooting “In About Two Months”

The plot is unknown, but we can assume that Indy will be on the hunt for yet another legendary artifact. Ford said that he'll try "not to look silly, running around in tight pants and high boots."

New Batsuit Revealed: Matt Reeves Shares Footage of Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight

The footage doesn't show the Batsuit in its entirety, but the costume designers were evidently inspired by the armor-like variations made popular by Christopher Nolan's films and the Arkham series of Batman games.

Altered Carbon 2 Gets Full Trailer Released

Released almost two years ago in 2018 Altered Carbon became one of Netflix's biggest endeavors into a cyberpunk type series. They have at long last released a full trailer for season two.

Taika Waititi Slams Apple During Oscars Backstage Interview: Those Keyboards Are “Horrendous”

"They are impossible to write on. They have gotten worse, makes me want to go back to PCs, because PC keyboards, the bounce-back for your fingers is way better. And hands up, who still uses a PC?"

Production on Witcher Season 2 Begins Soon

Having catapulted into mainstream popularity Netflix's The Witcher is not giving up on its momentum. Screen Rant reports that production on Witcher season 2 will begin this month. Filming locations will include various parts of Europe. Sites in the Scotland, U.K., and eastern Europe have already been picked.

“Birds of Prey” a Monumental Flop for WB: Female Superhero Film Opens at Just $33 Million

Despite early projections of $50 to $55 million, the female superhero team-up flick earned only $33.2 million opening weekend. That makes it the worst opening of all time for a DCEU film.