Alienware’s 55″ OLED Gaming Monitor Sounds Like Vaporware

Gamers seeking the best contrast ratios and black levels may have to settle for an LG OLED TV. That’s because Alienware has no idea whether the 55″ OLED gaming monitor it teased during CES will ever be sold to consumers.

Wccftech touched base with one of the company’s executives during E3 and learned that it was merely a “conceptual product.” Apparently, they’re not sure if anyone will buy the display, which is a possibility based on the alleged $3K price.

As it turns out, we did learn something new, though it’s not exactly the kind of good news we were hoping to relay. In fact, the Alienware executive on hand explained this was still a ‘conceptual product’ that may never be released after all, as its potential commercial viability is still in question. This was a bit disheartening to hear, as the OLED gaming monitor would be able to fill a niche for those PC gamers looking for a big display to go with their high-end rigs.

Having the DisplayPort would mean potentially enabling G-Sync compatibility, which is otherwise (and sadly, I might add) unavailable over HDMI for the time being. As it is, PC gamers have to choose between the gorgeous image quality of an OLED panel and the undeniably smooth, tear-free gameplay provided by VRR technology.

Alienware says they’ll have more to share at next year’s CES, assuming the display hasn’t been officially canned by then.


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