Daily Archives: Feb 2, 2020

Marvel’s Disney+ Superbowl Spot Teases Falcon and Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki

We've seen all of these characters evolve on the big screen, but as Marvel's new Superbowl spot shows, they have plenty of great adventures ahead of them regardless of the medium.

A Cross-Dressing Cloud Appears In New Final Fantasy VII Remake “Theme Song” Trailer

The infamous Honey Bee Inn returns in FFVII Remake. While the facility won't be replicated in its entirety (director Tetsuya Nomura claims it would cause "physical unease"), cross-dressing is evidently intact.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Folding Phone Has Been Fully Leaked In New Video and Renders

Samsung's latest folding phone won't be officially unveiled until its Unpacked event on Feb. 11, but we already know almost everything about it aside from price and availability date.

New Silent Hill (and Fatal Frame) Movie Announced by Original Director, Christophe Gans

Gans doesn't have much to share about the project, which is in its early stages, but it should stick to the roots of the first movie and feature franchise staples, such as Pyramid Head.

“F9” (Fast & Furious 9) to Feature RED’s Failed Holographic Smartphone, the Hydrogen One

Tech enthusiasts spotted something unexpected in the film's first trailer: Dom's crew drives around with RED's Hydrogen One smartphone, which was hyped for its holographic screen.

Intel to Heat Things Up with 10-Core i9-10900K, a Comet-Lake S CPU with 5.1 GHz Turbo Clock

These processors could hit speeds of up to 5.3 GHz with Intel's Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 and Thermal Velocity Boost features, which push single-thread performance.