Daily Archives: Feb 5, 2020

EVGA Offering Free Copy of Ray-Traced Title “Deliver Us The Moon” for GeForce RTX Purchases

Back in December, Deliver Us The Moon was updated with not only NVIDIA DLSS support, but also "three immersive real-time ray-traced effects: shadows, opaque reflections, and translucent reflections."

PS4 Emulation Makes Headway: GPCS4 Boots Its First Commercial Game, “We Are Doomed”

The ability to play Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 on PC is still years away, but the developer of GPCS4 has hit a major milestone by getting a commercial game to run for the very first time.

Microsoft Releases Microcode Updates for Sandy Bridge, Whiskey Lake U, and Other Intel CPUs

The patches address a handful of speculative execution flaws, but they won't be rolled out automatically via Windows Update. Users need to identify their CPUs and download them manually.

Rockstar Games Co-Founder (and Long-Time Writer) Dan Houser Is Leaving The Company

Aside from starting the company in 1998, Houser had a significant hand in shepherding many of Rockstar's properties, which include the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne.

AMD Partners with Mercedes for Multi-year Deal

AMD processors continue to find their way into high performance arenas. This time around they have joined into a multi-year partnership with the Mercedes AMD Petronas Formula One Team.

ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30 Motherboard Review

Introduction ASUS is one of the most well known and influential technology companies on the planet in the realm...