Daily Archives: Feb 14, 2020

Harrison Ford Says That Indiana Jones 5 Will Begin Shooting “In About Two Months”

The plot is unknown, but we can assume that Indy will be on the hunt for yet another legendary artifact. Ford said that he'll try "not to look silly, running around in tight pants and high boots."

AMD Radeon Users Are Losing Patience Over a Driver Bug That Causes Sudden Black Screens

The glitch can reportedly happen for no rhyme or reason. Users say that their monitors have gone black from playing games, watching videos, or running some other kind of GPU-heavy process.

Valve Announces Launch Date for Half-Life: Alyx, but Index Headsets Are Still Sold Out

After more than a decade, PC gamers can finally return to one of the greatest franchises ever on March 23, 2020. That marks 12 years, 5 months, and 13 days since the series' last outing, Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

PlayStation 5 to Cost $500? Next-Generation Console May Be Priced Higher Due to Costly Parts

Bloomberg is reporting that Sony is "struggling" with pricing the PS5 due to its expensive hardware. The Japanese giant may not be able to sell the console at anything lower than $450.

NVIDIA Breaks Data Center Sales Record

NVIDIA surprised more than a few people by breaking a sales record in the data center server market. Late Thursday their stock shares saw a significant spike after a new report showed unprecedented gains for team green.

ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OC Review

Big GTX 1660 Ti Overclocking Introduction With the recent launch of the AMD Radeon RX...