Intel Enthusiast Gaming Build: Motherboard

While all of the components we are selecting here today are what we would go with, and priced from vendors we trust, it is always a good idea to shop around as deals on these, or other good options, pop up from other reliable vendors all the time. With that said, let’s dive right into the next order of business.

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MSI MEG Z390 ACE Motherboard

MSI MEG Z390 ACE $299.99 (Currently $268.79)

60 FPS

  • Very Good Performance
  • Solid Feature Set
  • Great Overclocking Support And Power Delivery
  • Sleek Looks Appeal To Some

30 FPS

  • Limited M.2 Cooling
  • No Support For Video Out (For All Three Of You That Care)
  • Sleek Looks Will Detract For Some

Now that we have one half of our foundation for our build we need what is, essentially, its mate; a motherboard. For both our Core i9-990KS and i9-990KF we take another look at an MSI product with the MSI Meg Z390 ACE making a great choice. The Z390 chipset that the Meg features are getting on there in years but it still supports most everything users are looking for in a Mid-High End Enthusiast Gaming Build in this product segment. Products featuring this chipset can be found at a wide range of price points. However, the MSI Meg Z390 ACE comes in at $268.97. You can’t find a much better match for a Core i9 chip than this if you are looking for a return on your investment while maintaining the options like those found in the Z390 chipset in general and this board in particular.

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