EK Announces Quantum Vector² GPU Water Blocks Are Compatible with CableMod 12VHPWR Sleeved Cables and Extensions

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EK, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer based in Slovenia, has announced that its EK-Quantum Vector² GPU water blocks are fully compatible with CableMod’s 12VHPWR sleeved cables and cable extensions. Self-described as the most aesthetically pleasing cabling solution on the market, CableMod’s current 12VHPWR cable options for powering NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards can be found through its Kit Picker microsite, with prices ranging from $99.90 to $19.90. EK called the new 16-pin power cables “problematic” in its press release, explaining that they don’t do well under too much bending-induced stress, something that makes choosing high-quality cables more important than ever.

Image: EK

From an EK press release:

EK-Quantum Vector² GPU Water Blocks

The New Vector² water blocks effortlessly solve the issue of excessive heat generation during high loads on the GPU core, voltage regulation module, and the GDDR6X VRAM of modern high-powered GPUs. They also solve the case compatibility problem that large air coolers cause, as using a water block significantly reduces the GPU’s size.

Through careful engineering, EK ensured ample space around connectors so these water blocks can perfectly accommodate CableMod’s new 12VHPWR cables and cable extensions. Sadly, due to the GPU power connector being placed deeper inside the Vector² water blocks, they are NOT compatible with CableMod‘s angled adapters.

CableMod Pro ModFlex 12VHPWR PCI-e Cable and Cable Extension

This 16-pin to 3 x 8-pin PCI-e extension works well with ATX 2.0 power supply PCI-e cables. Featuring the luxurious ModFlex sleeving, the CableMod Pro Series begins with extra-thick wires for a fuller, more robust look by reducing the gap between each individual wire. Each cable is also constructed to eliminate merged terminals on the component side, which means that only clean, untangled wires are visible.

Crafted with 16 AWG wiring and managed neatly with five pre-installed closed cable combs, not only is this cable perfect for the job, but it also looks the business.

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