3rd-Gen Threadripper Axed from AMD’s 2019 Roadmap

Will AMD’s third-generation Threadripper products debut this year as planned? That appears to be unlikely. While the status of AMD’s new Ryzen 3000 chips have been updated to “mid-year,” Threadripper has vanished from the company’s latest roadmap to investors. The reason for the delay isn’t clear, but some speculate it could be due to limited 7nm supply.

…the best and most plausible speculation that can be entertained when one considers this is simple – a supply problem. With the 7nm node being the newest, most dense fabrication process possible, and with AMD having to share TSMC’s 7nm wafer production with a number of high-profile companies – such as Qualcomm, for instance – may mean that supply is simply too tight to support Zen 2-based products across so many product stacks – Ryzen and EPYC – at the same time.


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