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Just a couple of months ago, we witnessed the end of an era for enthusiast hardware reviews with the final of the old guard transitioning to a mothballed state to never publish another review. In its aftermath, many of us have searched for a new home or trusted source that would review enthusiast computer hardware and present the information in a way that would help with our decisions as we put together our next rig. As we were figuring out what our next steps should be, it became obvious that we should do what we have always been doing by returning to publish reviews under a new banner.

The initial crew here at The FPS Review is comprised of familiar faces that have all written for [H]ard|OCP in the past. Our mission is to bring tech news and straight shooting reviews to our readers with an evolved methodology delivering the content that you want to see. Our journey and how we deliver content will change over time as we adapt our coverage to what you want to see. We have a lot of great ideas that we’ve come up with that you’ll start to see here in the coming weeks.

In the GPU department, Radeon VII and GeForce GTX 2080Ti review in the works. For Motherboards, we will start it off with an AMD Ryzen motherboard. For Power Supplies, we have a unit from FSP and Silverstone on the test bench.

In the meantime, enjoy the Tech News section and join us in the forums as we will be out in force talking with you about what you want to see here next.

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David Schroth
David is a computer hardware enthusiast that has been tinkering with computer hardware for the past 25 years and writing reviews for more than ten years. He's the Founder and Editor in Chief of The FPS Review.

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