Intel Says Foldable Laptops Are at Least Two Years Away

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Wait, aren’t laptops already foldable? Jokes aside, smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X have drummed up speculation as to when flexible screens may be adopted by larger devices such as laptops, but according to one of Intel’s senior executives, they definitely won’t be available anytime soon.

Joshua D. Newman, Intel’s general manager of mobile innovation and vice president of the company’s Client Computing Group, says it will be “at least some two years” before foldable laptops come to market. A handful of big names (e.g., LG, Sharp) have already pitched in to tackle the obvious engineering hurdle, but there’s another concern: does it make sense for the average user?

Intel sees “potential” for foldable screen technologies to transform laptop user experiences, Newman said, but research that includes discovering which elements are relevant to end users remains at an early stage. Newman said the difficulty surrounding the technology means it will take “at least some two years” for the foldable laptops to reach consumers. But if the research signals a positive user experience, Intel and its ecosystem partners will accelerate the development of such products, he said.


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