Amazon Prime One-Day Shipping Is Here

Because two-day shipping wasn’t enough of a logistical challenge, Amazon announced last month it would offer an impressive one-day shipping for Prime members. CFO Brian Olsavsky hinted the company would work toward the goal throughout the year, but according to SlickDeals, that privilege has already arrived.

Not every item is eligible yet, but impatient customers can reportedly request one-day shipping for products ranging from iPads to paper towels right this moment. SlickDeals says the option is live for all Prime Members, not just those in select cities.

Amazon Prime’s guaranteed two-day shipping is the bar against which all other online delivery is measured. That bar just got higher. On April 25th, Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky announced that the retailer plans to cut down its famous two-day shipping guarantee to just one day. While same-day shipping and Prime Now (the two-hour delivery service) will remain independent services, one-day shipping will be available for all Prime members.


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