Jeff Bezos Unveils Lunar Lander “Blue Moon”

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“It’s time to go back to the moon, and this time, stay.” Amazon and Blue Origin boss Jeff Bezos wants US astronauts back on the lunar surface by 2024. On Thursday, he showed off what they may be sitting in: the lunar lander “Blue Moon.”

The Blue Moon is capable of hauling 3.6 metric tons, which should help toward Blue Origin’s goal of building the infrastructure for a lunar base. Bezos also unveiled a new rocket engine comprising 3D-printed parts, the BE-7. It will be test fired for the first time this summer.

Bezos’ ultimate ambition is to help humanity expand across the solar system, with a human population of more than a trillion living and working in space. Morgan Stanley highlighted Bezos’ investments in space as a “force” in the industry who brings financial muscle unlike any other. Blue Origin is one of several space companies which Morgan Stanley said “will up the ante” this year.


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