Abe Returns in Oddworld: Soulstorm’s First Gameplay Teaser Trailer

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More than two decades ago, producer Sherry McKenna and animation guru Lorne Lanning formed Oddworld Inhabitants. Their goal was to develop a quintology of titles exploring a vast alien world, and the first of those, Abe’s Odyssey, was a great success.

Following multiple spin-offs and expansions over the years, including one remake (New ‘n’ Tasty!), Oddworld Inhabitants has released the first gameplay teaser trailer for Soulstorm. This officially serves as the second title in the originally proposed quintology.

Players once again control Abe in an effort to free his friends from an industrial hell that is now presented in “2.9D” (multiple 2D planes in 3D environments). Crafting and the Quarma system make a return.

Through it all, you’re following a cinematic story about Abe’s strange rise to Messianic status among his people, as more and more followers are willing to run along behind him into the mortal danger of machine gun fire, speeding trains, and unsafe industrial machinery. More followers give Abe increased mystical ability for possessing others, which in turn opens up new avenues for exploration. The number of followers can eventually balloon to as many as 300 on screen at once, communicating that this is much more than a solitary journey for Abe; this is about the survival of his species.


Tsing Mui
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