Lenovo Is Releasing the World’s First Foldable PC in 2020

Lenovo has unveiled the world’s first foldable PC at its Accelerate 2019 event in Orlando, FL. Part of the premium ThinkPad X1 family, the device is essentially a tablet that users can fold in half. LG Display provided the screen, a 13” OLED panel offering 2K resolution.

Lenovo thinks the device should be perfect for anyone who wants to combine laptop productivity with smartphone portability. The form factor allows users to hold it like a book, stand it up for hands-free viewing, or use it like a typical laptop in clamshell mode. It’ll supposedly be out in 2020.

We all want access to a large comfortable screen even on the go, but travel can make this inconvenient or impossible. Never mind that remote work increased 140 percent from 2008 to 2016, with more and more employees taking time-sensitive, media-intensive projects with them everywhere. In the past, a 13.3-inch screen on a laptop demanded that the device stay at that same size footprint —not so with this single OLED 2K display made in collaboration with LG Display that can fold in half and reduce its width by 50 percent. Intel-powered with Windows, the foldable ThinkPad can transition with users from day to night.


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