Tesla Has Increased the Price of All Model 3 Variants

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The Model 3 is getting more expensive. Tesla has confirmed it is increasing the price of all Model 3 variants by $400. The cheapest version available through the website is now $39,900.

Electrek reached out to Tesla but didn’t get a clear reason for the increase. “Like other car companies, we periodically adjust pricing and available options.” Some hypothesize it’s due to the recent Chinese tariffs.

The price increase applies to all orders as of May 13, but not on vehicles produced before May 12.

Recently, Tesla has admitted that it needed to make some drastic moves to lower the price of the Model 3, like closing stores and bringing all sales online. When first releasing the Model 3 at $35,000, Tesla said that it would close most of its stores to achieve the price point. It later ended up reversing the move, increasing prices again, and removing the base version of the vehicle from its website.


Tsing Mui
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