NVIDIA Comments on AMD’s 7nm GPU Efficiency vs. 12nm Turing: “It’s Incomparable”

Many would agree that AMD’s 7nm Radeon VII GPU fares worse in the power, temperature, and noise department compared to NVIDIA’s 12nm Turing cards. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang decided to remind investors, analysts, and fans of this during his company’s latest Q1 earnings call, indirectly pointing out the competition’s inefficiency.

“In terms of process notes we tend to design our own process with TSMC. If you look at our process and you measure its energy efficiency, it’s off the charts. And in fact, if you take our Turing and you compare it against a 7-nanometer GPU on energy efficiency, it’s incomparable. In fact, the world’s 7-nanometer GPU already exists and it’s easy to go and pull that and compare the performance and energy efficiency against one of our current GPUs.”

Huang went on to throw a little more shade at AMD, suggesting the Radeon VII was an “off-the-shelf” effort.

“And so that the real focus for our engineering team is to engineer a process that makes sense for us and to create an architecture that is energy efficient. And the combination of those two things allows us to sustain our leadership position. Otherwise, buying off the shelf process is something that we can surely do, but we want to do much more than that.”


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