Google Announces Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Glass may not have panned out for the consumer space, but Google seems intent on making it a thing for workplaces. The company has announced the next iteration of Google Glass for businesses, aptly named Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 offers a more powerful multicore CPU compared to the previous generation, as well as a new AI engine. These upgrades have resulted in “significant power savings, enhanced performance and support for computer vision and advanced machine learning capabilities.”

The quality of the wearable computer’s camera has also improved, along with battery life. Faster charging is made possible with the addition of a USB-C port.

Finally, Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is easier to develop for and deploy. It’s built on Android, making it easier for customers to integrate the services and APIs (application programming interfaces) they already use. And in order to support scaled deployments, Glass Enterprise Edition 2 now supports Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management.


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