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As those of you who have read my other work before will notice, things at will run much as they have in the past in our power supply reviews. We are still going to be pushing units hard by running them at a selected temperature parameter that is higher than what many power supplies are rated at by their manufacturers and higher than what the ATX specification calls for. We are still going to be looking at how your power supply fairs when it is run for 8 hours to replicate a long gaming or work session. We are still going to be looking at the Transient Load Test values for when you have those sudden shifts in power demand. We are still going to be looking at how clean the power produced by the power supply is. We are still going to be looking at how efficient the power supply is relative to what it is advertised at. We are still going to try and break them.


Final Points & Summary

With all of this being said, you can rest assured that if a unit passes our testing it will be just as worthy of your consideration as anything else you have seen in a review I have penned before. Given our test parameters, we still expect a large number of power supplies to fail at various stages of testing. However, over the years, we have seen more and more power supply manufacturers stepping up their game. So, while a unit that passes is nothing to disregard, passing is no longer enough to be an award winner. The bar has moved, and so have our expectations over the last 12 years. So, let’s see what PSU brands have for us and what happens over the next 12 or more years! If you have any feedback, or would like to offer suggestions, please contact me.


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Paul Johnson
Paul is a long time PC hobbyist and tech enthusiast having gotten his start when he broke his first C64 quickly followed by breaking his first IBM XT. Most notably however, for 12 years, he served as the Power Supply Editor for one of the truly early, groundbreaking, and INDPENDENT PC enthusiast sites ([H]ardOCP) until its mothballing in April of 2019. Paul now brings the same flair and style of his power supply reviews to The FPS Review.

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