Razer Is Burying the Ouya Platform in June

Razer is waving goodbye to the Ouya brand next month. The Android-powered console was a Kickstarter success that promised to ease gaming development and make the hobby more affordable, but the system never did take off due to shoddy components and lack of compelling titles.

Razer bought Ouya in 2015 and discontinued the hardware, folding its game library into the company’s own Android gaming system, ForgeTV. But that’s also been a failure, so Ouya is getting buried along with it.

While Ouya did end up delivering a console, the final product couldn’t live up to the hype. The controller felt cheap and was difficult to use and the console suffered from some performance issues that made games a pain to play at times. Despite the open ethos that invited anyone to develop games for the console, there ended up being too few truly engaging games to keep people’s interest.


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