Tesla Brings Back Free Unlimited Supercharging

Elon Musk called the perk unsustainable, but Tesla has brought back free unlimited Supercharging (again). It’s clearly an effort to sell older, lower-tiered inventory, as the incentive applies only to Model S and Model X vehicles without the new drivetrain and suspension upgrades.

Tesla confirmed to Electrek that purchasers would get free unlimited Supercharging for the duration of ownership. Of course, transferring the title or selling the vehicle would terminate that privilege.

Free Supercharging is never too far away. It’s a great perk, but I think it’s hard to justify in this case. I would greatly prefer the new hardware upgrade when it comes to the 75D option. As for the Long Range (100 kWh) all-wheel-drive options, it looks like there are some pretty good prices there that could be interesting. If you are doing a lot of long distance travel, you might get your money’s worth.


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