CBS Releases First Teaser for Star Trek: Picard

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Today happens to be the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s finale, an opportune occasion for CBS to drop the first official look at Jean-Luc Picard’s return in his upcoming series. Being just a teaser, it doesn’t show all that much, but the footage does hint at Picard having excused himself to the family vineyards and their crates of Chateau Picard.

“You commanded the greatest rescue armada in history. Then, the unimaginable,” the narrator says. “Why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?” Star Trek: Picard will, hopefully, offer a compelling answer to that question.

Star Trek franchise captain Alex Kurtzman has promised that the forthcoming Trek series starring Patrick Stewart will find Jean-Luc Picard living a “radically altered” life. The first teaser trailer for the CBS All Access show gives a glimpse of that life — which is indeed very different but also looks pretty pleasant. The first 45 seconds of the teaser are made up of pastoral scenes from a vineyard, ending with a shot of a case of Chateau Picard wine.


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