NVIDIA Is Releasing Quake II RTX for Windows and Linux on June 6th

NVIDIA has announced that Quake fans will be able to get their hands on a ray-traced version of the sequel next month. Quake II RTX is an enhanced version of the 1997 classic that features graphical upgrades ranging from improved global illumination rendering to 3,000+ updated game textures.

Anyone with a GeForce RTX GPU or “other capable hardware” can play through the first three levels of Quake II RTX for free. The full campaign (and online multiplayer) will be available to those who own a copy of the original.

Furthermore, the source code will be posted to GitHub, enabling others to expand on our work with further advancements and enhancements, or to use the code to ray trace Quake II mods and total conversions. The June 6th release will also look even better thanks to numerous improvements to image quality, and new additions that add even more path-traced enhancements.


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