Microsoft Is Now Selling a Pro IntelliMouse Aimed at Gamers

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Microsoft revived its classic IntelliMouse in 2017 but has gone one step further with a “Pro” version meant for gamers. The Pro Intellimouse features a new sensor with a much higher tracking speed “up to 400” (10,160 mm) per second.” That’s quite a bit faster than the Classic IntelliMouse’s 40” (1016 mm) per second.

The Pro also includes “improved key actuation, a textured finish, a braided cable, more responsive buttons, and customizable tail light color.” A “Shadow black” and “Shadow white” version is now available on the Microsoft Store for $59.99.

“The fundamentals of the IntelliMouse all remain,” Lovelin adds. “You’ll appreciate the ergonomic design that has been a vital part of every IntelliMouse. With its wired design, you’ll never wait for it to pair or need to search for a dongle before getting down to work or play. The Pro IntelliMouse is easy to maneuver, with carefully calculated weight, stability, and control. The longevity and influence of this iconic mouse have outlived most of the products launched when the first version appeared, and we’re excited to bring these latest innovations to a proven design.”


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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