According to Jon Peddie Research’s Q1 2019 GPU report, AMD has managed a 2.3% increase in GPU market share. Interestingly, it’s not at the expense of NVIDIA. The gains are all thanks to Intel’s production issues.

AMD’s market share gains are coming from the laptop side of the graphics accelerating equation. El Peddirino puts it down to Intel struggling to increase production volumes of its 10nm parts, creating a shortage in the broader 14nm landscape, and therefore lowering sales across the board. “No CPUs, no new PCs, no new PCs, no GPUs shipping,” says the report.

Intel’s market share decreased by -3.4%, while NVIDIA market share increased by 1.10%. Year-to-year total GPU shipments decreased -10.7%, however, with desktop graphics decreasing by -21% and notebooks by -3%.


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