Benchmarks Show AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Measuring Up to Intel’s i7-8700K

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New numbers on Geekbench suggest that AMD’s new Ryzen 5 3600 CPU compares very favorably with Intel’s Core i7-8700K. That’s interesting, considering there’s a $150+ difference between the chips. There are two sets of scores; one for an X570 setup, another for X470.

Both yield a different score than each other due to different system configuration but the single and multi-thread scores are pretty much similar in both cases. The X570 configuration scores 5390 points in single-core & 26371 points in multi-score points while the X470 configuration scores 5358 points in single core and 27485 points in the multi-score section of the benchmark.

How does that compare to Intel’s 8700K and older Ryzen chips? Pretty well: in the X570 benchmark, the 3600 scores just 10 points lower than the i7 for single core, and 1,371 higher for multi-core.

For comparison, the Ryzen 7 1800X scores on an average 4400 points in single and 24000 points in multi-core benchmarks, the 8700K scores an average 5400 points in single and 25000 points in the multi-core benchmarks while the Ryzen 5 2600 scores around 4700 points in single & 23000 points in multi-core benchmarks. The performance increase over Zen and Zen+ based chips is just stellar while the chip at its given price points should give the Core i7-8700K and the Core i7-9700K a hard time in the market.

Additionally, RedGamingTech found that the Ryzen 5 3600 offered even better gaming performance than the Core i7-8700 in PUBG.

Numbers out of UserBenchmark are also implying Zen 2 enjoys a 7% IPC improvement over Coffee Lake.

  • 3600 @ 4.05ghz = 134.
  • A 7700k @ 5.1 gets a 157.
  • 157 / 5.1 * 4.05 = ~125.

That means Zen 2 has a ~7% advantage in IPC in this specific (single threaded) benchmark (if the single threaded turbo actually was 4.05GHz).


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