Something “Super” Is Still Coming from NVIDIA

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NVIDIA teased that something “super” was headed our way when it uploaded a vague teaser last Thursday. This was shortly followed by the announcement of a new line of creator-focused laptops, NVIDIA Studio. That, however, had nothing to do with “super,” according to VonGuru and VideoCardz.

French hardware site VonGuru suggests it has everything to do with new GeForce cards, which it believes will release in early June. VideoCardz is on a similar page but argues we’ll be seeing the new GPUs later in the year.

As far as we know there will be a private press event at E3, but we should not expect card announcements there. What is being brought as a potential date for new cards is, in fact, Gamescom in August.

Other journalists, who were present at the Computex floor, have confirmed that AMD partners have no final pricing on Navi. This is because they still don’t know what the response from NVIDIA will be to RDNA architecture, but they might know more than we do.

NVIDIA’s new GPUs are rumored to be a refresh of its Turing line, but with faster memory.


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