Apple Is Pissed Off at People Making Fun of Its $999 Monitor Stand

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When Apple revealed it would be selling a monitor stand for $999, the WWDC audience rightfully shamed the company with a collective boo. Feelings were evidently hurt, as the company is attempting to block crowd reaction videos on copyright grounds. The Register gives two examples; the one used in its original coverage is indeed dead.

One such video, titled “WWDC 2019 Pro Stand Crowd Reaction,” received 895,728 views prior to its takedown on copyright infringement grounds, a move that’s presumably a result of it being embedded in our coverage of the pricey monitor accessory.

MSI has jumped in on the fun with an ad for its PS341WU monitor, turning that classic Mac vs. PC campaign around. Why pay $999 for just a stand when you could also get a display for a couple hundred more?

The Register asked Apple for an explanation, but the company’s communications team has not been communicative. Interestingly, there are many other videos of the event, shared on YouTube and Twitter, that weren’t taken down presumably because they didn’t include any embarrassing mocking of the pointlessly expensive monitor stand.


Tsing Mui
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