Where is my Matebook? Not in the US if you are looking.

Apparently you will not be seeing anymore of the Matebook laptops in the near future if ever again. Due to being blacklisted by the US. Companies like Intel, Microsoft, and other US chip makers can not legally sell products to Huawei anymore. This makes building laptops very difficult without the support of the chips and OS.

In and interview by CNBC today the Huawei consumer division head, Richard Yu, said that the new Matebook(s) will probably not see the light of day because of this.

” We cannot supply the PC,” Yu said, adding that the situation is “unfortunate.”

“When asked if the laptop could be launched at a later date, Yu said it “depends on how long the Entity List will be there.” He acknowledged that, if Huawei is on the blacklist for a long time, the laptop will not be able to be launched.”CNBC


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