A New NVIDIA SHIELD TV Appears to Be on the Way

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If you’re thinking about buying a SHIELD TV, be patient, as indication of a new model has surfaced on Google Play Console. Android TV Rumors spotted the console, which is codenamed “mdarcy.”

The specifications are largely consistent with the current SHIELD TV, but some believe it could sport a new version of the Tegra X1 processor.

The current SHIELD uses a T210 version of the Tegra X1 and there has been suggestions NVIDIA is working on a newer version referred to as the “T210 B01.” For reference, the current SHIELD is understood to use an “A2” version of the T210 instead of the “B01.”

Speculation has also pointed to this tweaked version also powering a revised version of the Nintendo Switch. Although there’s a little bit of discrepancy on this point due to just as many references pointing to a new T214 chip codenamed “mariko” – understood to be a fork of the T210. Much of the speculation links mariko as a custom version of the chip designed specifically for Nintendo.


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