AMD X590 Chipset Hinted in GIGABYTE Motherboard BIOS File

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And you thought flagship X570 boards were going to be expensive. According to a software developer and reference discovered in motherboard BIOS code, an even more advanced (and costly) chipset is on the way.

The platform is reportedly called X590. DRAM Calculator developer Yuri Bubly (@1usmus) was the first to hint at its existence, tweeting that it was “coming soon.” (It has since been removed.)

Then someone from the ComputerBase forums found references to an X590 chipset in the BIOS code of a GIGABYTE motherboard file.

What will X590 offer over the X570? Additional PCIe 4.0 lanes is the popular theory.

So what exactly does the rumored new chipset entail? Right now, our guess is as good as yours. However, there is speculation that X590 will offer even more PCIe Gen4 lanes than what the X570 offers. The X590 could add an additional four PCIe Gen4 lanes that the X570 now uses for CPU interconnect. Last year, AMD had reportedly planned to introduce a Z490 chipset with added PCIe lanes but that got shelved due to some reasons. The X570 is a premium chipset in itself so it remains to be seen how OEMs will be pricing X590 boards when they come to market.


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