Someone Already Made a Tesla Pickup Truck

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A growing number of Tesla fans are growing impatient as to when Elon Musk will finally unveil his company’s fabled, secretive pickup. One of them, who happened to be an inventor of sorts, decided she didn’t want to wait any longer and built one herself.

Robotics enthusiast Simone Giertz bought a brand-new Model 3 and converted it into a pickup by carving out the backseat and trunk. The year-long process was documented in a video she shared, which includes the talents of a Tesla rebuild specialist, mechanic, and designer.

Giertz even shot a fake commercial for the makeshift pickup, which she has dubbed “TRUCKLA.”

In the video, Giertz challenges Tesla founder Elon Musk to make the Tesla pickup truck, a long-awaited fantasy item of many Tesla devotees. Coincidentally, Musk announced plans for the Tesla pickup truck at the company’s shareholders meeting. The inventor said the vehicle would have a “cyberpunk design” and look like it hailed from a “sci-fi” movie. But unlike Giertz’s “Truckla,” it won’t be a labor of love.


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