The Witcher 3.5 That Wasn’t

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The Witcher is one sweet gaming series. If you have not played it yet go grab the first 2 from your favorite stores. It’s dirt cheap. The third one isn’t nearly as cheap but its well worth it!

In a recent interview with CD Projekt Red, the makers of the Witcher games, they have stated there will be no Witcher 3.5. Instead focusing all their resources on the upcoming Cyberpunk game.

“We want to push the bar higher with every single game release. It’s not about getting The Witcher 3.5 out there which would be fairly easy – of course it’s very difficult. Using the same engine, telling the same stories; the technology is established. And making a quick dollar. But that’s not [what we do].”E3 Interview

It is good to see a game company that actually focuses on games rather than the DLC crap.

Thanks to our forum member lostin3d for the heads up!


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