Here Are the Alleged Prices for NVIDIA’s “SUPER” RTX Cards

NVIDIA will be announcing its new “SUPER” lineup of RTX graphics cards very soon. Earlier reports had suggested they’d be priced similarly to current models, and the latest rumors echo that.

RTX 2080 SUPER: $799
RTX 2070 SUPER: $599
RTX 2060 SUPER: $429

If these prices are correct, NVIDIA will almost certainly lower the pricing of its current, non-SUPER GPU variants.

Hopefully, NVIDIA will decide to roll out price cuts to the vanilla series and this lineup will start to make a lot more sense. Keep in mind all these cards are going to be shipped to AICs without the obligatory (vRAM + Power phase) kit that was there before. This allows AIBs to use superior power phases and vRAM and lower their own cost while increasing performance.


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