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Hello fellow hardware enthusiasts! My name is Richard Gouge. I have been a PC enthusiast since around 1995 when my uncle and I built my first PC, an Intel 486 that was pieced together from parts he got from his job at Lockheed. After that I was completely hooked. While my name may not be as familiar to you as Brent’s, Dan’s, or Paul’s, I too was an editor at HardOCP, serving as the cooling editor for the last year and a half until it entering mothballs in April 2019.

While cooling may not be as glamorous as GPUs and other hardware, it is a passion of mine, and is vital to not only a stable computer, but also can determine how far you can push the limits of your components. The cornerstone of PC performance is cooling.

The cornerstone of PC performance is cooling.

While working as a news writer for HardOCP, Kyle Bennett approached me to be the new cooling editor due to my long time love for PC cooling, as well as 18 years of HVAC experience allowing me to understand more of the nuance to removing heat from a system. The loss of HardOCP affected me from more of an enthusiast standpoint than a business one. I wondered who would people turn to for solid, unbiased reviews, and news stories that all other outlets were terrified to touch. Fortunately my cohorts and I have banded together here to bring the community the high quality, no BS reviews that it deserves.

When Kyle mothballed HardOCP, he was generous enough to leave me with the cooler test platform that he and I designed to stress CPU coolers to their breaking point, as well as all the testing equipment needed to jump in with both feet. Cooling reviews is where you will find me most often, however here at TheFPSReview we have the opportunity to branch out, so you may see me doing other things from time to time.

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