Samsung May Bring OLED Displays to iPads and MacBooks

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Apple happens to owe Samsung a ton of money for unfulfilled OLED display orders due to declining sales of the iPhone X, but it has formed a plan that would bring higher image quality to more of its products instead of merely paying up.

According to ETNews, Apple is getting Samsung to change those initial orders to larger OLED panels, which would be used in future iPad and MacBook models. The Elec published a similar report about Samsung supplying OLED screens for a 16-inch MacBook Pro last month, so new displays do seem destined for the devices.

Apple’s transition to OLED started with the Apple Watch, followed by the iPhone X, so the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro would continue that natural progression of the technology from smaller to larger displays.

OLED displays could have several benefits for future iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models, including lower power consumption, increased brightness, sharper colors, and faster response times compared to LCDs. OLED panels are often thinner, too, which could lead to slimmer and lighter product designs.


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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