Fortnite Drops Support for Older Graphics Cards

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Fortnite fans without a DirectX 11-capable graphics card will need to shop for a new GPU if they want to continue playing the insanely popular battle royale title. Epic has announced that the game will no longer support older cards when Season 10 comes around.

As Polygon points out, this shouldn’t be a concern for most gamers. The first graphics cards with DirectX 11 support debuted nearly a decade ago.

If you aren’t sure whether your graphics card can support DirectX 11, don’t worry: There’s a really good chance that it does. Any Nvidia graphics card released since the GeForce GTS 450 will be just fine to run DirectX 11. The GTS 450 was originally released in 2010, so if your card is newer than that it should be fine. As for AMD cards, the range is even bigger. Any card since the Radeon HD 5450 should be fine with DirectX 11, which covers almost any card released by the company since 2009.


Tsing Mui
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