Epic’s Tim Sweeney Says He’s Buying Exclusives to Help Developers

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Gamers may not like the fact that Tim Sweeney is snatching up exclusives left and right for his store, but the Epic CEO claims it’s for a righteous cause. Sweeney explained in a series of recent tweets that his endgame is increasing the standard payout for developers.

While the Epic Games Store already offers a more generous cut, that’s not enough to convince Steam and other storefronts from adopting its 88/12 percent revenue split. Sweeney suggests Epic has to become a bigger threat for competitors to revise their policies, and the only way to do that is by getting as many exclusives as possible.

Sweeney went on to add that this tactic, while aggressive, is “proportionate to the problem it addresses” – that being the 70%/30% cut. Epic’s end goal is lowering stores’ cuts across the industry. Failing that, Epic would still end up with a store selling dozens of anticipated games and an avenue for developers to sell their games at higher potential profits.


Tsing Mui
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