Another Day, Another Giant Hack Found

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What does Netflix, Ford, TD Bank, and Buckets have to do with each other?

Apparently a lot if they all have data on an open S3 Amazon Bucket. Doh!

They are saying that consumer data is “OK” but we all know how that goes. Over 1TB of data was slurped up by who knows who.

Attunity Ltd., a company that manages and safeguards data, left internal files exposed on the internet for clients including Ford Motor Co., and the Toronto-Dominion Bank, in the latest example of sensitive information being publicly accessible on the web.”  – Bloomberg

Nowadays its news if a company is not hacked. So sad.

Just remember folks. Humans are imperfect creatures and it is impossibly to 100% secure something. If you protect it one way, someone will find a way around that protection. If another company comes in and protects it in a completely different way someone will find a way around that protection also.

The cycle never ends.


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