No More Books in the Microsoft Store, Read them While You Still Can…

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Have you purchased or downloaded any free books in the Microsoft Store throughout the years?

If so July is the last days you can read them.

Microsoft is pulling all its books from their MS Store in July. All of them are DRM, even the free ones.

“Starting April 2, 2019, the books category in Microsoft Store will be closing. Unfortunately, this means that starting July 2019 your ebooks will no longer be available to read, but you’ll get a full refund for all book purchases. See below for details.

While you can no longer purchase or acquire additional books from the Microsoft Store, you can continue to read your books until July 2019 when refunds will be processed.”Microsoft

As far as refunds go Microsoft says they will refund you once time runs out. It does not say how far back though.


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