Support for the Latest Wacom Tablets in Linux Kernel 5.3!

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Whats on your Linux drawing board?

Hopefully it’s a Wacom Pen Tablet as Wacom is giving the Linux community some love recently!

The latest Linux Kernel 5.3 will be adding support for their fancy new $1500 pen tablet.

MobileStudio Pro support on Linux with the existing Wacom driver ended up being incredibly quite simple and just adding the new device IDs. That support is now queued into the “-next” branch ahead of the Linux 5.3 merge window opening in July. At $1,500, the Wacom MobileStudio Pro ends up being an actual premium tablet computer as opposed to just a drawing tablet device as is most Wacom products.” – Phoronix

So if you have a Wacom Tablet and want to try it out with Linux. Hopefully the upcoming 5.3 Kernel will make your day.


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