GTA VI Reportedly Inspired by Netflix’s Narcos, Takes Place in Vice City

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The Grand Theft Auto franchise could be returning to Vice City. New rumors suggest Rockstar Games fell in love with Netflix’s Narcos show and is crafting GTA VI, or “Project Americas,” with the Pablo Escobar story in mind.

The main character is supposedly a rising drug lord named “Ricardo” who will rise up from being a simple grunt by completing missions not only in Vice City but Rio de Janeiro, Liberty City, and possibly Cuba. The gameplay will be split between realistic and arcadey; weapons will be limited to what a character can carry.

One interesting mechanic is that buildings and vehicles will change depending on the time period (the game is said to take place from the ’70s to ’80s). It goes beyond aesthetics, with rare, classic cars getting more expensive. “Full economy.”

One problem is that Narcos only came out in 2015 – while this doesn’t really fit with the 2012 start date for development , it does line up perfectly with the mid 2015 date given for when production started to “pick up properly.”


Tsing Mui
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