Study: Netflix Could Lose 23% of Its Subscribers If It Started Running Ads

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Advertisements isn’t something a lot of Netflix subscribers would tolerate. According to a study by Hub Entertainment Research, the streaming giant could lose as much as a quarter of its customers if it started showing ads.

The exact percentage given is 23%, which would equate to around 14 million subscribers (Netflix has 60 million paid subscribers in the U.S.). Advertisements wouldn’t be a total dealbreaker for some if the service agreed to lowering its prices, however.

Only 14% of respondents said they would definitely or probably drop their subscription if it were $2 cheaper than they currently pay. That number fell to 12% at a $3 discount.

The study’s findings were based on a survey of 1,765 U.S. TV consumers between ages 16 and 74 who watch at least one hour of television a week and have broadband in the home.


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