NVIDIA Releases FrameView, a Free Performance and Power Benchmarking App

FrameView, NVIDIA’s all-in-one GPU benchmarking app, is now available for download. The program supports all major APIs and simplifies the process of measuring frame rates, frame times, power usage, performance per watt, and more.

While plenty of other benchmarking tools exist, NVIDIA claims FrameView is the most accurate solution available. Performance and power metrics include rendered, displayed, and 90th/95th/99th percentile frame rates, CHP, TGP, and PPW. Results are compiled using PresentMon, which can be quickly turned into graphs.

It has a minimal, lightweight impact on performance while benchmarking, its integrated overlay enables you to view performance and stats during gameplay, and it’s vendor agnostic, too, enabling the collection of detailed, comparative data. One exception: AMD’s GPU power consumption API reports a value in-between chip power and board power, rather than the true values.


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