Why Copy Paste… When You Can Swipe? Cooler Master MasterGel Series TIM

Yesterday, via Twitter, Cooler Master announced a packaging/delivery update to their existing line of MasterGel of thermal pastes. The paste still comes in a syringe, but product delivery has been improved with a very wide nozzle. The goal for this new nozzle is to make applying TIM an easier, faster, and less messy process. Available in “Regular“, “Pro“, and “Maker” flavors, sporting 5, 8, and 11 W/m-K conductivity, respectfully. Also take note that aside from the package change, the product in the tubes is the same stuff that CM has had available in the smaller, traditional syringes that we’ve been using since the beginning of time. Looking at the video, however, it would appear that they’ve thinned out the paste.

I am very interested in giving this stuff a whirl. While TIM application and techniques spur the most heated of all internet debates, perhaps CM is on to something with the new applicator.


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