AMD Neither Confirms Nor Denies Death of Radeon VII

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Earlier today we wrote about a report that the Radeon VII was EOL’ed and no longer in production. Naturally, we decided to ask AMD directly to see if they were able to comment on whether the Radeon VII had sent to pasture. Of course, we did not expect a reply, but they mustered one up for us in response to our question and we have provided their response in full.

“We continue to see strong availability of Radeon VII in the channel for both gamers and creators.”

AMD Statement

Let’s think a bit about what question they answered. Our question was whether the rumors about the Radeon VII being EOL’ed were true. Reading this statement, it does not appear to directly answer our question. Yes, there’s strong availability in the channel but that doesn’t mean that they are still being produced. There could be a stack of Radeon VII’s in warehouses that simply haven’t sold. Then again, they could still produce Radeon VII’s to keep those warehouses full.

Perhaps they are not willing to adjust their pricing to match the performance of the pending NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER card that is expected to show up by the end of this month or maybe the card is still being produced and keeping the channel full.

What should we actually believe? We’ll leave that to our readers to ponder the meaning of the answer while we keep an eye on the Radeon VII channel. Remember it’s not the first time that the Radeon VII was accused of not being long in this world.

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