Rebellion: Epic Is “Paying through the Nose” for Store Exclusives

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Zombie Army 4 developer Rebellion Developments is the latest game maker to succumb to Epic’s philosophy of succession through exclusivity. Studio founders Jason and Chris Kingsley told journalists at the Develop:Brighton conference this week that exclusives weren’t necessarily their thing, but Epic’s dump truck of money was too tantalizing to ignore.

“Generally I think I would prefer not to do exclusives but I understand Epic’s position with it, and quite frankly they are paying through the nose to build their store,” said Jason [Kingsley]. “All credit to them, it’s fantastic, and we’ll take some of their money, thank you very much.”

These are pretty bold comments. While frankness is always appreciated, Kingsley’s comments suggest he hasn’t considered the interests of gamers at all and the ongoing controversy regarding the Epic Games Store and its practices.

“I was aware that Epic was doing exclusives, [but] we hadn’t been offered at the time,” said Jason. “I didn’t really think they would, because typically they go for the super big [games].


Tsing Mui
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